Mid-Century Home: Charles Goodman, Architect 15 photos

The artist-homeowner wanted two patios that he could use for pleine air painting. We re-located his AC unit and constructed a flagstone patio surrounded by a stone seat wall to the right of his front door. A berm of soil in front of the wall created more privacy for his work. New mostly native plantings provide privacy and four-season interest. A second gravel patio to the left of the front door has become a private contemplative space. The new front walkway now has a graceful curve and a generous, welcoming landing at the curb.

Front landscape for mid-century Charles Goodman-designed home

PHOTO: Cathy Carr, APLD

Natural stone wall with planted berm beyond create pocket of privacy from the street. Diagonal paving, grasses and stepping stones lend movement to the space.

Mid-Century Home: Charles Goodman, Architect

© Cathy Carr, APLD

A second small gravel patio is lined with upright flagstone and surrounded with lush plantings to create a sense of enclosure in a small side yard.